FREE Supra Upgrade

From eKEY Basic to eKEY PRO

Great News!

Our Board of Directors have negotiated a free upgrade to eKEY PRO for all MCRTC eKEY Basic users. You will automatically be moved to eKEY Professional at no additional cost beginning Wednesday, July 26th.

Everyone’s debit date remains the 1st of each month and will be debited $18.77, plus applicable tax, beginning August 1st, 2023. Existing eKEY Professional users will see their monthly rate lowered by $6.09.

For eKEY Basic users, your current Supra eKEY app looks like this screen:

When you open the Supra eKEY app on Wednesday, July 26th, or after, your Supra eKEY app will update, then change, and look like this:

With eKEY Professional you can:

  • View and search MLS listings and agent roster, even when offline
  • Create real-time property notes viewable when opening the keybox
  • View map and turn-by-turn directions to listings at the tap of a button.

Take advantage of our upcoming eKEY Professional training session on Wednesday, July 26th. Register today to understand all it offers!

Check out all the eKEY Professional resources, click here.

Don’t forget about existing eKEY functionality:

  • Set access hours to listings, change keybox shackle codes in an instant, and track keybox inventory.
  • Get real-time data at the door, including a listing photo and current property notes.
  • Use the phone’s biometric feature or the Apple Watch® to open keyboxes
  • Receive real-time showing information when showings start and end
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