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How Does NAR’s Ad Campaign Benefit REALTORS®??

REALTORS® fund the consumer ad campaign with their NAR annual assessment dues, which provides incredible value. Through this campaign, NAR aims to demonstrate to consumers the value REALTORS® bring to the real estate transaction and beyond – in their communities, in their understanding of local markets, and in their influence on public policies that encourage and facilitate real property transfer and ownership.

With an integrated strategy aimed at both consumers and NAR’s 1.4 million members, this campaign shines a light on the incredible value and service REALTORS® provide to their clients, while adhering to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. It also shows that REALTORS® are a powerful, positive force in the communities where they live and work as volunteers and advocates for property ownership.

As the communications environment becomes ever more cluttered, the ad campaign ensures that the REALTOR® brand remains front-and-center with consumers through a comprehensive, multichannel strategy to reach consumers and REALTORS® wherever they are—including online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram; digital channels like Hulu, Amazon, and Roku; and traditional channels like television, radio, and print.

The ad campaign helps consumers know that:

  • The REALTOR® Code of Ethics makes REALTORS® your advocate in one of the largest transactions you’ll ever make.
  • A REALTOR® isn’t just a home or business search, it’s a human connection to the best property for you.
  • A REALTOR® knows your neighborhood, the neighbors, and volunteers to make it better.
  • A REALTOR® negotiates the best price and uses the industry’s leading market data to do it.
  • A REALTOR® finds you a dream home and protects your right to it.
  • A REALTOR® is supported by the nation’s largest professional trade organization, protecting your property and community long after the contracts are signed.

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